Monday, September 6, 2010

Abstractions in the Cornell Sculpture Garden

One of the architecture student projects in the '60s was to produce massive cement sculptures.  Nobody wanted them to be placed on the central campus, so the decision was made to put them in a remote area of the Cornell Plantations. At that time, the area was agrarian.  In the '80s, the managed area of the Plantations expanded and the sculptures are now part of a large sculpture garden in the arboretum.

I find the sculptures very photogenic during all seasons and all angles of light. The warm morning and afternoon light, however, give the best hues on the cement.

As a project for an upcoming art show, I chose to produce an abstraction from some of the pieces.  What do you think?  Would love to have some feedback!  Thanks.


  1. I like all the textures and shapes and tones in this one, Nancy. It does feel a bit top-heavy to me, though. If that was your intent, you accomplished it!

  2. Nancy...I think it is interesting to look at with all the angles, and all the shades of grey, but I will always be a fan of your flowers!! Trisha