Friday, April 27, 2012

Macro flower images for Ithaca shows

I have been photographing, printing, matting and framing flower images for two upcoming shows.  One show will be at the Nevin Center of the Cornell Plantations and the other will be at the Artist Gallery in Penn Yan.

I have enjoyed spending more time on photography and honing my talents.  Hope you enjoy the show.

Blue iris in Paris

Blue Lotus/Water Lily

Cactus flower in bloom in April

Daffodil this spring

Cana last summer

Hosta Flower in the Cornell Plantations

Lotus last summer

Lotus against black background last summer

Parrot Tulip this spring against black

Parrot Tulip this spring against black

Parrot Tulip this spring against black

White peony last summer, against black


Poppies in NYC workshop last spring

White tulips in Cornell greenhouse this spring

Thursday, April 12, 2012

New York, New York

New York is many things to many people or a small section carved out into one's life. The neighborhoods are unique and some people never leave them.  You can feel the history as you walk the streets of NY. Day or night, there is much to photograph and to find interesting.

We visited the upper class Central Park areas, with very clean streets and tiny dogs with jackets. Then there was the day in the sun at Washington Park with folk songs and jazz and no dogs with jackets.  We ate at the wagons on one day and an upscale restaurant the next.  Off Broadway shows were rich and enjoyable.

I never tire, except for my walking legs, of visiting the Big Apple.  Here are some snaps of the trip over Easter/Passover weekend, some of which have been artistically adjusted.

Easter Parade participant