Wednesday, April 11, 2012

"In Your Easter Bonnet"

Irving Berlin would have found this year's NYC Easter Parade most entertaining.  The "parade" isn't really a parade but rather a mob scene on 5th Avenue outside St. Patrick's Cathedral.  There were cameras and ipads trying to capture the essence of the event, but all in joyous celebration of a lovely sunny day.  Smiles abounded and people moved around to capture the best picture of those who had designed a unique creation. And they were unique!

What was impressive was the calmness amongst a huge crowd, the smiles, the children dressed up, people of all ages and identities, decorated dogs, music, acrobatics, and a festive atmosphere. 3000 people had just attended Mass and the priest made an appearance on the steps of St. Pat's.  In this era of security concerns, it was reassuring that the atmosphere did not reflect any of those fears.  It almost felt like a different era in our history.

Here are some of my favorite photos.


  1. Nancy, I thought of you several times as we were making Easter dinner about 20 miles from St. Patricks. You had a beautiful sunny day, and I'm glad you had such a great time. Your pics are great and your message very poignant. Thanks for sharing. Melanie

    1. Thanks, Melanie. The parade and atmosphere spoke volumes! Tolerance, safety, joy. Everything!