Tuesday, December 28, 2010

Fast forward

The sports setting on the Canon Rebel was very handy when photographing some mobile animals during a vacation in Florida.  At 10 Thousand Island park, the motorized boat took us out to the islands covered with red, black, and white Mangroves. As the boat moved along, the dolphins swam to the boat for a "free ride" in the wake or in the front of the boat.  It appeared to be great fun for them and was definitely entertaining for the passengers.

Osprey nests are numerous near the beaches and many were inhabited by fledglings.  Here is a picture of one parent leaving the nest to secure the next meal. The sports setting was also useful for photographing flowers moving in the wind.  The wood stork posed for a while, then started walking away. The camera caught the motion without any blur. Great setting to play with!

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