Wednesday, September 14, 2011

Cornell Flower Research Field Trip

The Ithaca Garden Club visited the Cornell Horticulture research facilities on Maple Avenue in Ithaca to learn about the flower research taking place at the site. There were both field plots as well as plastic greenhouses they called tunnels.  The structures were named that because they did not have ends on them and allowed air movement.  They protect from frost, allowing for a longer growing season.

The plants we viewed today included black berries, raspberries, tomatoes, sunflowers, cosmos, bushes of rose hips, curly willow, very bushy basel, ornamental peppers, and many others.  It was an enjoyable tour, topped with some free cut flowers for home arrangements as well as berry picking.

Chris Wien was in charge of the facility and has a web page detailing his research and some findings.  Check out

Attached are some photos I took while we visited the facility.

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