Thursday, October 6, 2011

Asian Art tour at the Cornell Johnson Art Museum

Curator Ellen Avril shared her expertise during the "Art for Lunch" today at the Johnson Museum. The 5th floor was renovated this year, providing additional space for much of the collection that had been in storage. It is an amazing resource for studying the art of China, Japan, Korea, Southeast Asia, India, among others. The art objects are well laid out, with meaningful connections from one exhibit to another. The view from the 5th floor on a sunny day is also one of my favorites in Ithaca.

The collection include pottery (one piece was 6,000 years old), scrolls, sculptures, woven goods, and many tomb objects.

Here are some images from inside the exhibit and through the windows of the campus and Cayuga Lake.  If you want more information about the museum, visit

Museum facade

Naga and the Buddha

View of Cayuga Lake


Tomb artifacts



Practice caligraphy

Japanese room divider

Picture that generated the Tea Garden

Japanese fisherman made from ivory




Chinese porcelain


Indian sculpture

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