Friday, December 30, 2011

Chicago, 2011

Can you imagine Chicago in December warm and sunny?  This has been a unique year with all the global changes in climate.

I went to Chicago for Christmas and my daughter's birthday. She was born 43 years ago in Bangkok, Thailand and of course we had Thai food to commemorate the connection.  On Christmas, we had Chinese food in Chinatown, which was excellent.

My favorite part of the trip, in addition to spending time with Sheryl and helping her celebrate her birthday, was our visit to Millenium Park with the steel "cloud" or "bean" and the new wing of the Art Institute.  Here are some photos of both showing some views of the cloud and the many reflections from the city and people who are attracted to the site.  The museum is an architectural achievement and houses some lovely artwork as shown here.

There are also some photos here from the Bahai church, which was a beautiful building.

Lee Bontecou

Under the bean

Bean and tourists

Bahai church

Inside Bahai church

City scape from museum


Inside the new wing

Chagal windows



  1. Incredible Bontecou! You sure can pick 'em. Super selection of views. Good fun and neat trip, huh?

  2. Thanks. The museum addition is incredible. Very nice trip.