Thursday, January 12, 2012

Charisma Amarylis

A couple weeks ago, I purchased a large Amarylis bulb at Cayuga Landscape in Ithaca, NY.  It was pricier than those at the large box stores and I wondered what the difference would be. Well, to my delight, the larger bulb was much more productive than the cheaper alternatives! Two firm spikes rose from the bulb, with 5 flowers on the first one. The second stalk is a bit behind, but I am sure it will also have several blooms. This is a spectacular flower and unique in coloration.  I took several photos in the house with limited lighting, but the results are pleasant.

Several of the images below have been altered by some of the artistic filters of Photoshop.  I find the alterations interesting and fun to do.

Hope you enjoy this winter floral display.


  1. So, so beautiful Nancy!. The third shot from the bottom is a real standout!

  2. So, so very beautiful Nancy. The third photograph from the bottom is a real standout...spectacular!

  3. Thanks, Amy. I appreciate your comments and feedback.

  4. Just Love your beautiful cheerful flowers..

  5. Thanks, Sherri. Appreciate your positive comments.