Monday, September 3, 2012

Tremen Park in Ithaca

The glaciers had a huge impact upon central New York. When they receded, the Fingerlakes were formed.  Many of the gorges were also influenced by glaciation.

Treman gorge is South of Ithaca and is a lovely spot with two sites for camping and picnics. There are several trails, some more rigorous than others.  I walked down to Lucifer Falls today and photographed the gorge which is lacking a lot of water. Usually, Lucifer Falls is a torrent of water with over 100 foot drop. Today, there was but a trickle.

During the Depression, the Army Corps of Engineers worked on the trails to make them accessible to the public.

There is swimming at the pool at the lower park, with lifeguards on duty.  The water was 63 today and much cooler than the temperature I would like for a swim.

Lucifer Falls

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