Tuesday, August 25, 2009

Copper sculptures

I have worked with flexible copper tubing and copper pipes for several years, creating both garden art and art for inside my home. Many of the pieces are in my garden, but some at in those of colleagues who commissioned to have them done.

Many of my sculptures reflect my admiration of Picasso's paintings and sculptures. I saw one of his cement sculptures of three faces in Dallas, Texas. Using that as a template, I produced a sculpture that included ferro-cement partly embedded in the ground and partly enclosing copper pipes. The three faces were then constructed of 60 feet of large flexible copper tubing. The price of copper now is three times what it was when I first started this type of sculpture.

Copper tubing can be treated with acid to produce a blue patina. It can also be heated with a propane torch to burnish the surface.

The attached sculpture has blue patina and is embedded in a cement block for support. Would love to have comments.

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