Tuesday, August 25, 2009

Giclee art

Giclee is a term that refers to the use of archival ink for printing photographic art. These prints will last for a long time!

I began my retirement career in photographic art in 2006 by taking courses at a local community college. The Photoshop courses introduced me to a whole new world of manipulating digital photographs and I have enjoyed the years of experimenting ever since. My first subject was the lotus flower that grows in a pond behind my home. A few plants reproduced to what is now about 500 plants that bloom over a two month period.

I am a member of the Greater Ithaca Art Trail (http://www.arttrail.com/), with open studio events on the weekends of October 10th and 17th. I also maintain an active website at which anyone can purchase prints using Pay Pal. Please check it out. www.nancyridenourartist.com

Buddhism is the major religion in Laos, where I lived for five years in the 60's, so I have incorporated Buddha images in my artwork as shown here.

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  1. This is truly beautiful. I can't imagine how beautiful your garden is in the summer months. I know your area and know your winters can be a challenge!

    You have a lot of fun information here. It also sounds as though you keep very busy in your community!

    Thanks so much!