Thursday, March 17, 2011

Art Behind the Scientist at Tompkins County Public Library

I was invited to have a show and a talk about my art as part of the Art Behind the Scientist series.  I look at it equally as science behind the artist.  I truly believe that my experience and training in science has contributed greatly to my productivity as an artist. The scientific method has been very important for trying out new techniques and pursuing them in my art.  And of course, there is the primary subject of flowers in my first few years of photography. Then there is the digital dissection of the flower pictures to produce the photo montages.

My show is up at the library until April 8th and my powerpoint presentation will take place at the library on March 31st at 6 PM.  I hope those of you in the Ithaca area will come and see my show and to come for the talk and reception.

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