Friday, March 18, 2011

Free Goldfish!

Several years ago, I put some "feeder" goldfish into my pond in the back of my yard.  To my surprise, they survived the winter and have since proliferated. Each spring, hundreds come to the surface after spending the winter hibernating in the muck. They gulp for air and have produced some bubbles along the surface of the pond. This is always a neat sign of spring and takes place as soon as some of the ice melts.

Right now, there is still ice on most of the lotus pond, but enough space for the fish to congregate. Soon the  blue heron will visit for lunch, but there are more fish than the appetite of the heron.  Once the lotus sprout in late May and June, the pond is covered with vegetation and the fish are hidden from view. So, the time to enjoy the fish is now.

Anyone with a quick net who lives in Ithaca can come by to catch some.  Let me know ahead of time, however.

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