Tuesday, May 3, 2011

Ithaca Spring Flowers

The sun comes to Ithaca only infrequently this spring.  When it does, I dash outside with camera and tripod to capture some of the beauty of the emerging flowers. There is a significant difference between bloom time in the heart of the city and at my home on the hill.  When I photographed these plants pictured here, it was a bit windy.  Wind and macro photography do not work! To save the day, I shot some of the pictures with the sports setting on my Canon Rebel and was able to obtain better focus than in the other settings.

The Center of the Magnolia was taken near BJM elementary school, the Flowering Cherry trees were near Bangs Funeral Home on Green Street, the Magnolias were in front of the Court House on Court Street, and the Tulips were in front of Temple Beth-El on Court Street.

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