Sunday, June 12, 2011

Cornell Reunion at the Cornell Plantations

On Friday, I spent three hours in the Young Garden of the Plantations. This garden focuses on the meaning of flowers, their cultural history, and how they are involved in our lives. The florist motto is "Say it With Flowers", which is an apt description of this garden.

In the garden, there are weather protected books that describe the characteristics and cultural importance of the major flower in bloom at the time.

I welcomed visitors and gave some background to the garden when appropriate. When I offered to photograph a Chinese family, they insisted I be pictured with the mother of the group.  It was a nice day and pleasant event.

Here are some pictures I took while "on duty".  I especially like the one of the Tulip Tree, which was in full bloom near the patio.  Other pictures are of the Lewis Center, the descriptive book in the garden, the elegant iris and the peonies.

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