Sunday, June 19, 2011

Father's Day Vintage Car Show

There were hundred os vintage cars along the shore of Emerson Park, Auburn,  today to celebrate Father's Day and the car show.  I am not typically a car enthusiast, but had to marvel at the condition of the cars and some memories that streamed back from those good old days.  Remember the tray on the side of the car at the drive in?  The dice in the window? Each car was incredibly clean, so could not possibly be driven very often.

Anyway, a nice sunny day on Owasco Lake with lots of memories bubbling to the surface. Here are some of the images I took today.


  1. Pretty cool! They must host shows there often. I happened on a similar on last july on a bike ride. Saw lots of cool stuff. Nice pictures

  2. Look at that blue Woodie… It’s totally a head-turner! It is surely an incredible feeling to see a Woodie firsthand. The wooden rear bodywork plus the infill wooden panels are just so stunning; you can only imagine the process of its creation! Oh, how I wish to own one. :D

    1. Glad you like the photo. Lots of nostalgia there!

  3. I’m proud to say that my family and I were there! Yee, this was the best father’s day slash birthday ever during our stay in NY! :D My dad just loves old classic coupés, so going to this event was really the best way to treat him. =)

  4. Those were quite the cars and on a sunny day. Glad you all enjoyed the day and these photos.

  5. Awesome! Now I have an idea for my dad’s upcoming birthday. Since he’s a car aficionado, I’ll treat him to a vintage car show. Hopefully, I can find a car show that’s scheduled exactly on his birthday. He’ll absolutely love to see some Tin Lizzies there.