Tuesday, August 9, 2011

Cornell Plantations Botanical Garden Tour

This evening, I gave a tour of the Botanical Garden for the Cortland Garden Club.  With a light mist to start the tour, it ended with a rainbow.  The Brian Nevin Welcome Center was closed this evening, but is open during the week other than Mondays.

We toured through the Container Garden, the Ground Cover gardens, talked about the Rhododendron garden that blooms in May, discussed the giant Magnolia that is unique to this climate, then moved into the herb garden with 17 different sub gardens.  On to the Young Garden that focuses on plants and our senses and celebrations. We finished in the Winter Garden with its huge millstone. While there, we talked about the Heritage Garden and the Barbara McClintock shed and her research. One hour went quickly!

Here are some photos I took prior to the arrival of the club members.

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  1. Thank you for leading the tour, Nancy! The photos are marvelous!