Tuesday, October 2, 2012

CSMA Marathon

The Community School of Music and Art in Ithaca has a month long Marathon as a fundraiser.  Several Ithaca artists have been given 4 running feet for an art display through a reviewed process.  Part of the Marathon is for the artist to provide some means of fund raising.

I chose to have a silent auction for my work.  There are seven framed pieces that can be the object of the silent auction. At the end of the auction, the winner gets to choose which of the seven pieces he/she would like to receive.

The theme for my wall is New York City "Scapes", with photos taken mostly this year during trips to Manhattan. There is also a canvas that I produced in 2010 after participating in a marketing program sponsored by NYFA in Brooklyn.

The following are the images that are hanging at CSMA this month, so if you are in Ithaca, please stop by to see the art and participate in the silent auction.

Times Square

"A Bridge in Brooklyn" taken from Brooklyn Park under the Manhattan Bridge

Chrysler Building which is Art Deco

Empire State Building taken from the top of a moving sight seeing bus

On the street where we stayed for 3 nights

Lower East Side


Horse drawn carriages with lots of protesters condemning their use

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