Wednesday, October 3, 2012

Monet and the Botanic Garden

The New York Botanic Garden located in the Bronx is a gem for our state.  We traveled there last weekend to see the Monet simulation in the conservatory greenhouses and were pleased with how they were able to capture the essence of the Money gardens and pond. The conservatory itself is a treasure of many ecosystems and indigenous plants, which is a biology teacher's dream.  I used to seek that type of opportunity to photograph plants to show students the various adaptations found around the world.

We toured the greenhouse and then the lovely lotus and water lily pond. They had specimens that were very similar to those found in Monet's pond in Giverny, France.

After touring the inside displays, we took the tram tour of the gardens.  Nothing was in bloom at this time of year, but the gardens are still spectacular.  I do want to return in the spring to view azaleas and rhododendrons in bloom.

Scattered among the landscape were several sculptures by Spanish artist Manolo Valdés, that added artistic interest to the gardens.

Here are some of my photos taken on this trip.

Valdes sculpture

Monet garden

Monet garden

Sunflowers in Monet garden

Monet bridge and pond simulation

Conservatory and pond of lotus and water lilies


Water lily

Water lily

Water lily

hungry Koi

Water lilies

Piture plants

Rose in garden

Sunflowers in Monet garden

Giant water lily pads

Library and sculpture


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